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Passionate writer inspired by life moments and a profound desire to let her creativity fly high and her soul shine bright

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Her story, and that of many others like her

Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels

She was the other woman,
she had come to terms
with the term,
but the term did not fit her.

The sole mention of that word
was like that sharp finger
pointing straight,
at her with blame, with judgment.

She after all had accepted
that it was not in her terms,
on her days, or
her happiness, or anything about her.

‘It is her’, said the voice that raised
when the light of day
uncovered her full face,
and showed the world it was her.

Her thoughts,
Her fears,
Her cursed love
Her fault.

But why…

Where lovers go when their love dies

Princeton University Arts Museum — Lucas Cranach the Elder “Venus and Amor”

Venus and Amor
run to the rescue;
They bring tulles,
arrows and jewels.

The love
of their selection
could not live up to
their intentions.

The precision
of the dart
Amor once blasted
to unify.

The intensity
of the passion
Venus spread
to forever bind.

The majestic touch,
the pure love,
the alchemical connection
their subjects had,
quite deserving of veneration,
had now exploded
and collapsed,
could not withstand
tainted intentions
of those around,
and simply died.

And now,
they are standing,
barefoot, at the doorstep of
Lovers Heaven ER,
contemplating in

Alma Awakened

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