Are we like chocolates?

Someone once told me “I’m like bad chocolate for you.” I thought that was an outrageous comment to make to a chocoholic like me. Is there such a thing as bad chocolate? Quite unlikely. Chocolate may not be the healthiest of foods, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging once in a while.

I gave the idea some thought though and came to realize that there is something to be said about chocolates and how they compare to us humans and how we may relate to one another, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships. Let’s think of when you open a box of chocolates and stare down at them before we make the selection:

The ones that probably catch your eye first are the ones that come wrapped in shiny foil. You know they’ll still look good when you reveal them open, but may make a mess once you take a bite.

The crunchy ones are a favorite. There is something special about them, and while at times can be dry or harsh to bite on, they are great when they blend with the flavor and smoothness of the chocolate, so all around good.

For something less predictable, you turn your eye to the ones with colored stripes. They look fun and exciting, would usually give away signs
of what’s inside, but they are somewhat a mystery.

Then there are the solid colored ones: black or white. You are clear on what you are getting, and there’s no doubt in your mind.

Chocolate is good in its variety, and there are choices for all. Some are more decadent than others, some you’ll want to keep trying and others you’ll choose to pass on the next round. The only time when it’s bad is when you eat it beyond the expiration date.

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