Poetry, Relationships, Erotica, Sexuality, Writing and more. All my writings combined in and easier and more organized way.

If you have been following me or reading my stories, I am sure you have noticed that my writing is very diverse. It also has evolved significantly. I put together a list, an index of sorts, to make it easier for my readers to find the genre, topic, or type of writing that interest them and want to see. Where available, I only placed a link to the publication if they have a list already built with my work.

I plan to keep this updated in some way as my writing journey continues, so do visit often! And if you are on it, follow me on Twitter. Happy reading!


Stay tuned for more developments in this area. Below are the links to a couple of my first writings on Medium.

Our relationship may be partial, but my devotion is not: my view on how devotion and respect work in BDSM dynamics and relationships of all kinds and not just the exclusive, monogamous, forever-and-ever kind.

How I Came To Realize That Submission Is A Way Of Life: my first of many writings to come on submission and BDSM.


A collection of sexy tales depicted with no reservation.
Stories in MyErotica


The challenges and joys experienced as a writer in a variety of ways, from being bilingual to discovering poetry and the voice within, written with the hope to inspire others.
Should You Read Poetry Aloud?
Additional stories in The Writing Cooperative

Psychology/Mental Illness

A first part account of my exploration related to Mental Health, published in Invisible Illness.

Awakening From Emotional Trauma: an outlook on trauma and emotional abuse from a different angle.

Short Poems

Some self-published poems as well as one line, haiku and tanka poems, inspired by weekly prompts from publications like Chalkboard and House of Haiku.

Aging Since Joy Left
Craving Closure

Tell Yourself the Truth
The Death of Candela
Your Presence
Fearless Beast
Conscience Overrides
What I Could See
Winds of Freedom
Set Free
Ruined Esprit
Fragile Hope
Tears Shed

Relationships And Self

A mix of self-published and work published on P.S. I Love You and The Junction.

Dreams Teach Us To Keep The Good Alive: a story on how dreams sometimes show us the memories we want to keep and cherish.

I Wish You Half: a poem/story that strips us of the shame and guilt that arises when we are holding onto anger.

Four Seasons: the story of a friendship that evolved like the four seasons, told from the perspective of how each one of them feels and how they compared.

March 8 is International Women’s Day: my realization that no matter how far we’ve come, our fight for women’s rights and being “allowed” to hold our own and have choices will be an endless battle.

Love Fits All Boxes: a cute tale of what Love means to me and how difficult sometimes it becomes to make others understand that there’s more than one kind of Love, and more than one person to love

Do You Want To Be My Friend?: an open letter to someone I once cherished and whose friendship meant the world to me.

I can forgive…: a reflection on the ability to forgive and the positive outcomes that can come from taking the leap.

Unfinished business of the Soul: thoughts of a night in town and an interesting exchange of “Hello’s” with a stranger.

It’s not you, it’s me” Dating, breaking up and starting all over again…: thoughts on dating, relationships, breakups and what comes after that.

To be continued…

Passionate writer inspired by life moments and a profound desire to let her creativity fly high and her soul shine bright