That is a writing in itself, as they are great, profound questions that tap into the essence of submission. In my particular case, my life has a side that requires me to be dominant/alpha, but the I have noticed over time, and the path of discovery of my true self, that even in those instances, the submissive side allows me to form my decisions and how I approach life. Having no choice is a choice in itself, and you always have the choice to walk away. I also discuss this under the basis of personality, not specific to a dynamic. In a dynamic, submission and dominance is something that manifests naturally yet Power Exchange and D/s evolve over time, getting to know each other and how you are compatible with one another. The D type will be looking for the right balance for him/her and the s type will also find that in that process, balance is established for her/him as the relationship is defined.

Passionate writer inspired by life moments and a profound desire to let her creativity fly high and her soul shine bright

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